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Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Meditation is no longer reserved for the exoteric weird corner, a mindful practice that provides physical and mental wellbeing, meditation could be, but also doesn’t have to be, a spiritual construct, and that is why it is important to know what you going in for. The analogy of a golfer and meditation is relevant, since the same element of annoyance that consumes the average golfer can frustrate even the hard core yogi, Jim Murray once said “Golf is not a game, it’s bondage, it was obviously devised by a man torn with guilt, eager to atone for his sins”, just as that, many a yogi and golfer will rise before dawn to step onto the mat and try to attain bliss, or step onto the course and be the next Jon Rahm to skip a shot off the water for a hole-in-one. The dream is real and once you have tasted the experience you will be the hopeless romantic returning to mat or course regularly, to feel it again and again, but with the strong desire comes the mental anguish of missing a 4 foot putt or not getting yourself protected before a meditation and meeting the devil in person.

Therefore, going in with the correct intention helps but if your execution is poor you either going to land up questioning your clubs, the caddy or your mantra. If you going to keep shooting 108 on a 72, or you cannot take control of your mind, and it’s got questions “wait, why are we here? is this religious? Why didn’t you tell me? Should we be sorry about something”? You will be left wondering what mystery the sport holds that makes you go back for more, the ineffectual golfer and the despondent meditator, will both feel the loss of not getting the desired shots, or reaching Nirvana.

When our body and mind fail us, we quick to judge, such as “I knew I was off at the top of the swing, “I shouldn’t have picked up my head so quickly ” similarly “ “why can’t I find my bliss, why is my mind there now?” “Why can everyone else do this”. Observations are just human, but judgement is concrete, and sometimes lead to self-fulfilling prophecies, we don’t really know why we hit the bad shot after years of practice, or why are we still in the 3D world when one should be in the quantum field after 10 minutes, but some days will be ok, and other days may not be ok, and even that is ok, just be in acceptance and flow.

The mental picture of a well-dressed golfer, swinging effortlessly like Dustin Johnson is equated to the blissful Sadhguru on the mountain. We dream big, but sometime fail to reach what someone else does so effortlessly, you can only be you, there is no version 2.1 on this, you are the vanilla, and that is good, having the mental picture of the perfect swing, or sitting in lotus position with our chakra’s aligned is great, but matching the ideal isn’t always, this glorious vision comes shattering down when we can’t manage to wake the kundalini or accidently hit an embarrassing shank, but you were brave enough to accept the challenge.

The reality is that both disciplines are still mysterious, we cannot help it, because we don’t know if it will happen again and if telling ourselves that we will be better prepared the next time round is about faith and trust in the practice, which is bliss in itself, but you need to take the risk without the judgement, and go into flow when things don’t go as one would have envisioned it. Judgement is one of the unkindest things you can do to yourself, and unfortunately causes even more anxiety and self-doubt in the long run.

So, if you cannot afford the penalty stroke and your ball is in the water, or your mind visiting friends. Face the dilemma and take the shot! or lock down your dragon and become still again. A powerful deep swing should see you get out of your golfing issue, and a powerful inhalation should bring back that wondering mind for your meditative practice.

You either going to love to meditate or play golf. But once you hit the sweet spot and you regularly doing a quantum leap and hanging out in the complimentary realm, or you start shooting the regular albatross, you definitely, coming back for more, so intention, creation and motivation is important and it can be whatever you want it to be.

Both disciplines will test your ego though, and leave it whimpering on a stroke 1 or at the third eye chakra. It is not going to make you more beautiful, nor charismatic, both are hard work, and humble you very quickly. Regular meditation means dedication, it means putting in the work like golf, to perfect the swing you need to put in the time, it means getting out of your own way and getting past yourself and your head, lessen the frustration for a bad round, and rip into your shot straight off the tee, you can approach the green closer like that and make your birdie (in the perfect world), but this solid, long drive will perhaps dictate the rest of the game and put you in motion and lead to better golf and lower score.

Similarly with the right state of mind, the work outlined by Joe Dispenza, suggests that you can move your cerebrospinal fluid up and down, through breathwork, in turn giving it momentum and speed, and this then becomes similar to a charged molecule in the body, once you moving a charged molecule from the lower energy centre of fight or flight, scarcity, fear, addictions or hormone imbalance, into the higher energy center, and it hits the sympathetic nervous systems and syncs with the parasympathetic nervous system with all the energy that gets used for sex, digesting a meal and stress response, it gets pulled upward to the limbic brain, then this is where the magic happens at the pineal gland, a gland which makes serotonin and melatonin, the brain becomes super lucid and changes to a Gama brain wave state, if you get here without interference you will go into a state of super consciousness and experience a brain orgasm and state of ecstasy, all this through concentrated breathwork, you will have changed anger, guilt and fear and moved energy from base to brain, and released oxytoxin to your body and created an enormous sense of love, gratitude and state of receivership, you now operating on a 5D level, and so if you find your sweet spot with meditation at this level, you would’nt really care if you played a good or bad game of golf anyway, but it may even improve your golfing if your entire prefrontal cortex is lit up.

Finally, if neither one of these two disciplines makes you want to buy a mat or a golf club, may I suggest something lighter like bridge?

*Not all meditations are suggested for people struggling with mental health and may have an adverse effect please check with your medical doctor or teachers before using meditation as a technique.

Contact for lessons in meditations and perhaps golf.

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