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Finding Your Mental Wellness Space

Updated: May 18, 2022

Find some space in your house that clearly differentiates work and home. During this time, it is very easy to blend, and your colleagues are always in the house with you. The difficulty is the tendency to lose the boundaries that were the actual differentiators of the home and the office before. You may find yourself starting to demand deliverables at 1 am. Not your fault, but overproduction is real and if you cannot sleep and need something done, it’s very easy to send John or Sarah a message since they have sort-of become part of the household. The same applies to 7 pm VC calls or 9 pm check-ins. If this is you, it is not productive, but rather disrespectful. If you are the one who is allowing it, you need to re-evaluate your rules and boundaries.

Find a dedicated space in your house for work and walk away from there, when you are not working. COVID-19 may be here for a while longer, so the faster you adapt to the fact that your new office is going to be in your house, the better! It’s also a great tax benefit – claim it!

Once you’ve established your working space, you need to communicate this to your children, partner or spouse, tell them that you need this area to function optimally.

Not everyone has a house on the hills and unlimited space. Make do with the space you have but find a place that isn’t close to the washing line or see through windows that could cause disturbances. Also avoid badly behaved humans or animals in the background.

Make it fun and interesting! Create the right light, connections, and silent conditions to hear everyone well during your time on VCs. You will be able to respect your workspace and maximize your productivity. Avoid having your dog, child, or spouse interrupting you during your Exco meeting. There are certain spaces in the house, which should be a no-go for meetings and work, one of which is your bed. If you start bringing the office to your bed during the day, it is ultimately going to result in you associating it with something it is not. The bed is made for sex and sleeping only. So, if you have your files, laptop, charger, pens, and other work stuff there, then the energy you are creating there is different from the relaxing energy that you want to reserve it for. Also, if you are living with a partner, check how they feel about it. If there are no options, then create a dedicated area that has a chair and desk in the bedroom. But whatever you do - AVOID the BED!

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