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How does the new narrative read?

Updated: May 18, 2022

The new moon is all about setting new intention, and of a full moon it is all about release, so facing up to the full moon in Gemini today, which is powerful and aptly closes off 2021.

Gemini is all about getting into the details, facing the fear, shadows, internal wounds and looking closer for clarity of oneself. Fear is relevant here and it is time to look it in the eye and tame your dragon, if you keep shying away from it, it is going to show up in many ways, disguised as people, situations or behaviours either in yourself or in others. 

Thus, it is time to start conceptualising and making sense of things instead of floating around for the sake of habit and staying in a holding pattern of addiction in whatever format. “John is a functioning alcoholic, he lost a parent at a young age and is unable to form a strong bond in any of his romantic relationships, as he is still fearful of abandonment, he uses his addiction to manage his emotions, John will continue staying in this holding pattern of self-sabotage, to the extent that he has even forgotten the reason why he even started drinking excessively in the first place."

Revisit your goals that you set in June 2021 (this would have being sun moon rising for the month for Gemini, did you achieve everything you set out intentionally?, and if not ask yourself why not, was it fear or small talk, were there enough excuses that become validated by the mind, or shying away from the reality of it, because it seemed to big to manage.

When we look the fear monster in the eye and use it as a platform to launch from, instead of keeping in hidden as a dark shadow, making it light creates possibility! Instead of flight, fright or freeze protective states that you learn along the way of life, you are suddenly being propelled into becoming the creator, by polishing your mirror so that you have clear intentions that are succinct, and actions which are real, will create the momentum and the power required. Therefore money, love, business, and opportunities, whatever you asked for, are there for the taking, you must be 110% sure you want it. “Paula works for a narcissist, who often belittles her work and her character, she is unsure of who she is and even if she is good enough. Every time she starts to believe that she is worthy, her reframing and previous believe systems kick in and serves as a reminder. She unconsciously exists in her marriage, where she is acceptant of her partners infidelities, she does not understand gaslighting very well, but she is sure she cannot trust her own words, actions, and realities anymore and is convinced she is just lucky to be in a relationship, accepting it without questioning it, and avoiding the alternative completely. Every time she sets her intention to create boundaries or to get out, she gets fearful, because maybe no one else would think she is worthy, even she does not think she is worthy and so she stays in her holding patterns and suffers from depression and anxiety”

Another relevant issue is that of self-talk, a very real but underestimated psychological construct, review yourself and ask what am I feeding here with an old narrative? What is that narrative you keep telling yourself. 

Getting past a state of fear means we shift the timeline and transcend the reality, if you are toxic to yourself with the stories you tell yourself to stay small, it means you will stay exactly where you will stay, immobilised by something that you created inside of your head and added lovely garlands of small talk and imagination around it and now you living your shrine of a narrative that is untrue but you believe it so much you live it everyday.

“Jane is a pretty women consumed by her love/hate relationship she has with her physical extent of herself, she requires constant external validation to believe in herself, without this, her world often crashes around her leaving her in a deep depression, until she re-organises her thought patterns and the old narrative of past relationships that validates her low self-esteem. She will always be tethering on the belief system that she may not be enough”; however, the good news is, one can transcend at any moment and talk yourself into a story of your own greatness, change your narrative, now that is beautiful and empowering. Try and not be humble here, you are a great human, and break the shackles of self-toxic relationship.

Finally, what are learning that is new, what are you wrapping up for yourself and giving back and investing for yourself in 2022. If internal wounds are showing up increasingly for you, then take a deep look, because the very gift sits underneath your pain, it is going to keep popping up so make sure you are paying attention. 

If you are currently feeling stagnant, transpose the energy and use it for the present moment to reconcile. Any people, situations or behaviours that are making you feel depleted, and which does not serve you anymore, contemplate on them and become internally aware how the body feels, and where you are and what do you want to create. If you have no idea what a true experience is and you are getting stuck, and if you keep getting a Biryani but you are asking for ice-cream, you are telling yourself a different story, of what the social norm is, instead of what you really want.

Ask and ponder the question what does real love, happiness, satisfaction feel like? you will know intuitively, if you cannot see it, imagine what will make you feel like. From 19 Dec and coming direct to the end of Jan 2022, you will see how to move forward, if the negatives keep showing up, it will be truly relevant of what you do not want. 

Luckily, you are in the driver’s seat of your healing, and you can have what you want, so what are you doing to show up and what are you here to do, fully without fear? What is your role in the next story, and how are the other players performing? Are you seeing yourself with compassion rather than self-distortion, and finally creating an environment where you resonate more with yourself and your tribe and distance yourself from those situation, people or behaviours that just do not resonate with you anymore? Until you re-write your new narrative, it is going to keep on showing up and making you feel uncomfortable, until you do something about it.

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