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A woman practicing mental health meditation and therapy

My Approach

My Approach

Various therapeutic techniques are applied to understand personal and cultural preference, therapeutic interventions include integrative and holistic therapy, existential, person centred approach and quantum based therapies which provide with a mixture of ideas and draw on quantum mechanics, which include psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology.  

Counselling also provides with knowledge share and assists in helping the client to step out from conflicts from the past and aids in self-awareness of the unconscious into consciousness, and help understand that many personal problems in life are the result of mental processes, and toxic thoughts that hinder growth and to restructure uncertainity and take control of the concept of fear. By teaching new dimensionally effective quantum techniques that can be applied in most settings and reframing the knowledge around the adversity that is faced, this includes integrated counselling, practical exercises and response, practical breathing techniques, customised meditation, visioning and for some people trauma release therapies.


Quantum therapy assist in helping you to enhance your current level of physical, relational, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and to support you in living your life to its fullest and guide you to a higher level of consciousness.

The world is changing and the way you are in drivers seat of your mental health and your energic field is crucial.  Ultimately one is their own therapist in the here and now, and understanding of oneself and and you are the only one that has the power for change in your world, by consciously adjusting your thinking and effecting your environment in exactly the way you want. 

I specialise in 

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

Psychological services include but are not limited to:

  • Marriage and couple therapy

  • Sexual health

  • Interpersonal relationships with others.

  • Life and career coaching 

  • Adolescent difficulties and anxieties

  • Addictions and overcoming habits

  • Understanding the shadow self and patterns

  • Life programming and limiting belief system.

  • Personality analysis to assist young adolescents to discover purposeful work according to their traits and strengths, and adults that are yearning for change, and to unlock purpose and potential.

In addition I assist those awakening and guidance toward a spiritual path, how the physical body works and how to work within a 3D and 5D realm through powerful meditations, yoga and understanding dimensions and mind transformations.

Individuals that require diagnosis are referred.

Young woman in Therapy for good mental health
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