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The issue of tracksuit pants during a VC

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

We all understand that it is great to snooze to just before your 9 am meeting and roll straight into it. but impressions still matter in business even on VC. Respect the visual etiquette which is always going to be paramount. If you sit-in without having brushed your hair or while you're still wearing the shirt from yesterday, besides being creepy, it creates a sloppy appearance. People will have their perceptions and associations on the type of work that you deliver, as if it is also going to be last-minute and sloppy.

If you have slipped in this regard, it's ok. Pull yourself back into your routine, because at some point you are going to have to go back to work, and those comfortable tracksuit/yoga pants are just not going to cut it! So practice the discipline now! If you have kids, and a family, dedicate the same hours awake and for sleep, eat at the time you must and create time for the family. Also allocate time to that new thing you have found that brings you relaxation and balance. Any day can get busy, but it is still up to you to navigate through it and to manage your hygiene. Clean up, show up, and hold your space with pride, and ditch the tracksuit pants, it’s way too 80’s anyway.

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