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Full Moon in Aries: Release the old and step into your power.

The moon is known to create a gravitational pull on the tides of the ocean. During a full moon it creates even more intensity, and as humans with our bodies, which is made up of 60% water, the moon also has an impact on us, we may even experience some physical symptoms such as water retention, irritation, vivid dreams, possible mood swings, headaches, confusion and fatigue during a full moon.

So if the grativational pull and the alignment of the moon and the sun can create such intensity, and have an effect on tides, it can be equated to a pull of old believes systems, stale thoughts or potential previous trauma of sort that has caged you into fear, distrust and limited belief or anger, which keeps coming up and causing dis-ease. If by chance you were able to let go and release, could you release that which no longer serves you?

The moon also represents our feminine energy, and is likened to your inner world, such as connection, empathy, feelings, emotions, even that shadow part that we don't necessarily reveal to the world. Your feminine energy is the nurturing part of yourself. So if the full moon is there to make conscious and create the opportunity of a possible release of the old beliefs, habits or scenario's which has become a struggle, and even when you don't take the opportunity, since you always have free will and choice, and people choose to keep their dilemma's for various reasons, however it will eventually come back around and take more time to let go from your mind and your soul.

The full moon persuades you to take a look at the inner side of yourself, your fears, your desires, the shadow that lightens up, trying to make the unknown patterns conscious and be recognised, making you cognisant of what is holding you back. If you are resistant and ignorant of things that come up during this time, you will hold yourself back from your growth and potentially struggle to release old demons which will make themselves known in recurring patterns in your life, besides it being exhausting when you are always resisting to address the inner, a number of people will not be ready to step into their power during this time. The key is DO NOT resist, this is the time to reflect without judgement and let go.

Full moon represents a completion of things that you may have started many months ago, and this could be positive or negative depending on the context. However the beauty of a full moon is, it brings into harvest and realigns everything that you started. What is maturing for your now?

Aries as a sign is one of leadership, impulsiveness and being fearless, the Arian meets life head-on with everything it has, in the case of 2020 our lives as we know has changed, and a new consciousness is dawning for many. The full moon in Aries means just that, be fearless in your release of old patterns, challenge your old thoughts and preconceived ideas of the world, confront the stale habits of your life and step into your power, letting go of things or people that have held you back. You are fully and complete in your leadership of your life.

Review the issues and challenges, write them down if you have to, letting go of things that you firmly held onto that just don't serve your purpose anymore, release the old narratives that you and others have being telling you, and shaking hands in agreement of where you fit. Adjusting a belief system that was created by social construct and not necessarily by yourself, will not mean that you die, you will just start perceiving the world differently, so what does joy and happiness really mean to you?

If you want to move beyond a 3D consciousness, inhale into your lower energies, the ones of survival, procreation and consumption. Exhale and say "I release that which no longer serves / resonates with me", this can be experiences, people, beliefs, religion, anything really that has reached a sell by date. You are now officially transcending, AND RELEASE! LET IT GO.

While ceremony is something that has been around for thousands of years, under a full moon, there are a number of representations that amplifies energy, meditation, prayer, candles, stating intention, charging crystals or shamanic rituals, or just move your body, gently, it will help you to feel better and get out of the sluggish heaviness and circulate the water and make the unconscious, conscious and taking back your power.

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