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Covid over, are you ready for Aquarian energy?

Covid was a wonderful opportunity to retrace, reflect, review all sorts of relationships with the self, others, contractual obligations, personal growth, chosen shackles, manifested dilemma's and dis-ease. There was definitely enough time in lockdown to unveil the truth about to that which was no longer serving you, what you inherently cared about and what had shifted. With no external activities and outside interference, you were forced to take a closer look and reframe the relationship with self and with others.

Addictions either increased as a source of comfort, or decreased as you were reconciling your new ways. Some new obsessive-compulsive behaviours may have made their way into the mind and body, either out of boredom or intrigue, some of us even experienced anxiety in either a subliminal form or that which manifested outwardly. Depression and PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder) became a common thread among many. This does not mean that those who did not experience anything, are any better or superhuman, people experience things differently dependent on previous constructs and contexts.

So why is this relevant? We nearly at the finish line and done with Covid? We know it now, and there has been enough written about it, for all of us to become reformed, and better prepared for any other challenges in the future. Um, not so quickly me thinks, consider for a moment, what if this was never about a "killer virus" but rather a coming of knowing of oneself and others, and how this new knowledge, that you either thought, dreamt, started paying attention to, has subsequently changed you. Even if you contemplated just a little, or made a radical mind, body or life change, you have literally shifted energy fields at one time or another in the quantum, and unless you are still stubbornly avoiding any thought around change, even the most hardened humans would have felt something. The 2am anxiety, the sleeplessness, the change of perspective, the uncertainty, the happiness, the anger, the disappointment, the depression on circumstances, the loss of jobs or businesses, death of jobs, and relationships and marriages and it happened, not just to you, it happened to humanity.

So now, if you had any thought that when the clock strikes 12am on 1 January 2021, everything goes back to normal, it’s not going to happen, It can’t, since there has been a conscious shift on a quantum and cosmic level. The 21 December 2020 will officially herald in the “Age of Aquarius” however, we have been experiencing the age of Aquarius for many years now, usually these cosmic phases last approximately 2000 years, so get ready for a couple of lifetime rides, since this is the beginning phases, and you are partaking in the beauty of change, you are able to see extremities in behaviour of humans, who are literally breaking out of the constructive restrictive frames and societal dictation that has been limiting for far too long.

Sylvia Nikolaoy, a South African transformational coach, explains that astrologically, generation z and onwards have broad ideals and perceptions in relation to societal structures that are limiting and restricting humanity. These ideals are necessary to bring about change. For this to occur, we will experience the extremities of these energies, as it creates momentum for the pendulum to swing from one extreme and to next extreme, to finally bring balance. The Age of Aquarius, brings advancement of technology to assist humanity, Social media is also part of this technology advancement, but we experience the swinging of the extremity that something that has a good intention, like connection with others across the globe, has created a large sense of disconnection and aloofness for many.

Sylvia explains, that over the last two and a half years, we have gone through a stage of reflection, in which questions are raised, such as “Are you placing too much value on the material world which is restricting you?”, or “Where are you taking too much or too little responsibility”, or “Are you holding onto things that are no longer serving you?”

She describes, that this has been a hard energy to shift for some, since this is a world where the material world matters more, holding onto things and believing we have to be able to touch it, feel or know it, however, these patterns are about to break. On the 21st of December, we will experience the intensity of the Aquarian energy, which is all about freedom.

Furthermore, expect your ideals of what relationships means for you to change, around how they look and feel. Sylvia suggests, “it’s all about holding your inner power of who you are, the beauty of holding yourself and holding the relationship that you are in”. Relationships will change and move into a state of freedom and individuality, by breaking out of societal pressures and norms., It is through breaking these old patterning and processing the lessons, you are moving past limiting beliefs, that you will achieve a greater Aquarian self.

However, if you going to stay in a rebellion mode, fighting for the sake of freedom, but not knowing what that freedom is really about, you will waste your energy.You will go through the lessons over and over again until you get it, the idea is try and avoid being crystalized in your old dogmatic beliefs. Allow the flow to start talking place and let go of certain ideals and things that hold you hostage for the wrong reasons.

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